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UV and Glare Reduced

UV and Glare Reduced:

The lighthouse in Yaquina Bay, Newport, Oregon, which protects seafarers from rocky shores, is itself protected with Huper Optik Solar Control Window Film.                  

The light stands high above a stately residence, which is now home to antique furnishings and artifacts, including valuable art pieces, which have been loaned by Friends of Yaquina Lighthouses. Commissioned in 1871, the lighthouse was last restored in 1996 by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. The lighthouse was placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United State Department of the Interior in 1974.

Large Georgian-like windows provide the lighthouse with an historic appearance, which, while permitting grand views of the bay, also allow harmful UV rays from the sun to damage the interiors. Executive Director, Jane Maines, knew the precious furniture and art must be protected while they were in her custody so she turned to interior decorator Jane Jincks for a solution. Jane had dealt with many similar problems at various locations and promptly recommended the installation of Huper Optik Crystal Elegance V58 to protect the furnishings for generations to come.                  

The film was installed on all the lighthouse windows for interior protection and to cut sun glare by 36%. The hi-tech solar control film blocks 99.9% of all UV rays, which is the highest degree of UV protection currently available. UV rays are primarily responsible for the fading of interior fabric furnishings, carpets, wallpaper, woods, and artwork. Best of all, the film is virtually invisible and the professional installation was quick and trouble-free.

With Huper Optik UVShield in place, the generous donors of irreplaceable furniture and art can be sure that their possessions will be protected while in the lighthouse.