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Interior Designer

Window Tinting for the Interior DesignerInterior Designers Recommend Huper Optik

As a designer, I need to create interiors that not only express my client's individual style, but have the power to endure time. When we go through the effort to create original furniture, custom upholstered pieces and custom hand tied floor coverings, we have to ensure that damage and fading from the sun are kept to an absolute minimum. I recommend Huper Optik Window Film as an investment for my clients. We recognize that comparative to the cost of replacing furnishings and materials damaged by the sun, the cost of Huper Optik Window Film is a very economical insurance policy.

As a given in current architecture, windows play a large role in forming the feeling and style of a home. The increase in wall space given over to windows has created the need to control the amount and quality of light entering the home. Although a client may want the aesthetic appeal of a wall of windows, they don't want the accompanying harsh glare and heat transfer.

We have used Huper Optik Window Film on a variety of projects: Residential Homes, High Rise Condominiums, Corporate Offices, Sunrooms.

In addition to providing a more comfortable environment by cutting glare and heat, the product has an enormous benefit for clients with art collections. The need to reduce fading is a given, and we have found the product exemplary in protecting art pieces where light damage is a concern.

Controlling The Hot Sun

businss office window tintingThe intensity of the California sun is always a challenge for builders and designers when it comes to determining the type and treatment of glass installed in a building. The problem is, when mistakes are made, its the property manager's responsibility to correct it, which is exactly what happened to David Parsons at the Peri Executive Center in Walnut Creek, California.

"Because our windows were not properly treated, there were big fluctuations in the building's temperature depending on where the sun was shining during the day, and our energy costs were going through the roof", said Parsons. "And, as if this weren't enough, the reflection from the windows during the night was so intense that our tenants couldn't enjoy the view, which was one of our big selling points in soliciting tenants."

To solve the problem David Parsons called his local Huper Optik dealer who installed a total of 30,000 square feet at the site in just 6 weeks. And because the sunlight was consistently more intense on one side of the building, a complete energy analysis determined that it would be more efficient to use two different types of Huper Optik Window Film. "The benefits were immediate," said Parsons, "We were able to equalize the building's micro-climates and the view at night was preserved. The film has given the building an improved and more uniform exterior appearance.

There is a dramatic decrease in utility costs (approximately 12-15 percent) and more balance between hot and cold spots within tenant's suites. We received a 10 year warranty and though two types of Huper Optik Window Film were used, they match perfectly."